Monday, July 7, 2014

The Invisible Cost of Patriarchy by Jennai Bundock

The Hidden Cost of Patriarchy from Burning Hearts Media on Vimeo.

“there might be sometimes the people who identify as men...or cis men…might feel uncomfortable with what i’m saying or how i’m talking about you as a group or how you’re being generalized by what i have to say and there is something really important that i want you to do if you start to feel that way and that’s i want you to swallow it and i want you to hold in your stomach and i want you to understand that that’s the way that women and people who aren’t you feel all the time around you and that we don’t get to put our hand up and say, “hey you upset me just now” because when we do that it comes with risk and when you do that it puts me as risk.  so when people say to me, ‘how can i be an ally?’ the first thing i say to them all the time is, ’shut up sometimes because sometimes you aren’t important and sometimes your feelings aren’t important and the rest of us have to go around especially in this community and feel sometimes like we’re not important and our feelings aren’t important and that this isn’t a space for us…”  Jennai Bundock  “The Hidden Cost of Patriarchy" 

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