Thursday, January 27, 2011

"blackface" in usually sophisticated and funny british sitcoms

i generally dig these shows, but why the fuck did they think this was ok?!

click image for info

(i've seen one worse but i cannot seem to locate it on-line...)
update:  above video has been removed, but here's a lower quality version on youtube.

update:  above link/video broken, lesser quality version on youtube.

little britain related discussion here

click image for back-story

what the fuck?!  i stopped watching this show once i saw this shit!!

discussion on this "papa lazarou" character here.

more on the subject here.

one show that actually did something right w/the subject:
"peep show-jez in painted black face"

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Why 'blacking up' white actors isn't necessarily racist

Go For an English - Goodness Gracious Me

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Derrick Jensen - Standup Tragedy (2002) (AudioBook)

CD - Stand Up Tragedy (cd case)

-Buy the CD-

(en) This double CD - totalling more than two hours in length - chronicles Derrick Jensen's live spoken word tour across the US in 2000/2001. One CD is essentially the talk Derick gave on the 'Language Older Than Words' tour, and the other CD is a "best of" Q and A.

Titles include: 
CD 1
 1. Apocalypse 1:58, 2. Kidnapping Scientists 8:52, 3. Three Rules 2:50, 4. Electrodes On The Eyeballs 1:50, 5. Amnesia 6:56, 6. Killing Time 4:41, 7. Selling Fingers 10:43, 8. Nihilism 1:40, 9. The Point Of Life 8:08, 10. The Secret Beekeepers Don't Want You To Know 12:09, 11. Godspeed 1:50.

CD 2 1. Science Bashing 4:48, 2. See What I Mean? 5:52, 3. Corporations Are Beautiful People 11:53, 4. Locked In A Room With Psychopaths 4:17, 5. We're All Refugees 15:07, 6. Will The Culture Change? 3:12, 7. Where Do I Find Hope? 3:18, 8. We're Screwed 4:46, 9. Premises 2:51, 10. Dumpster Diving 2:43, 11. Finger Exercise 5:21.

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Looking for Interviews with Poly Women (re-post)

I am looking to interview women between the ages of 18-35 who identify
as polyamorous. Women from a diversity of races/ethnicities, social
class backgrounds, and gender/sexual identities are especially
welcome. Participants must be currently living in the U.S. All
interviews will be conducted via e-mail.

All participants will be entered into a lottery to win one of five $15
gift certificates to either or Barnes and Noble.

This is a research study being conducted as part of a Master’s thesis
through San Diego State University. Your participation would be
voluntary. You will be asked questions about your experiences with
polyamory and its role in your life.

If interested, please contact Sarah Wheeler at
with a short description about yourself (age, race/ethnicity, class,
sexual orientation, etc.) and your current or most recent polyamorous
relationship. I am happy to answer any questions you have. Thank you
for your interest!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taylor Mali - "What Teachers Make"

BABIES (documentary)

A look at one year in the life of four babies from around the world, from Mongolia to Namibia to San Francisco to Tokyo.

i was thinking about all the damn plastic children in industrialized nations are exposed to--it's disgusting. i also thought about how strong and independent (but not in the usual individualistic-warped idea of being independent in the west) children become when they are reared in a non-so-called civilized setting. in the west parents are too committed to gadgets, plastic, anti-germ products, etc. i also thought about how the babies in mongolia and namibia were not exposed to all the toxins from city living. amazing film for sure!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Not Just A Game - Muhammad Ali Teaser - Available on DVD

i just saw this film and damn it was amazing!! the muhammad ali piece nearly made me cry, whereas the michael jordan bit nearly made me puke! i loathe competitive sports and professional sports even more so, but this film is SOLID and it's pro-sports.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bill Hicks - The Essential Collection (2010)

Bill Hicks The Essential Collection download mp3 free
Genre: comedy,stand-up,genius
Bitrate: MP3 / 192 / WEB
Duration: 137:42
Size: 191 mb
1. Fevered Egos (04:08)
2. Goodbye You Lizard Scum (03:44)
3. Summertime (02:51)
4. Elvis (Previously Unreleased) (02:08)
5. The News (01:20)
6. Confession Time (Cops) (04:28)
7. Please Do Not Disturb (Previously Unreleased) (02:05)
8. Spectravison & Housekeeping (02:07)
9. Girl Of Your Dreams (02:18)
10. Clam Lappers & Sonic The Hedgehog TM (03:04)
11. What Is Pornography? (03:39)
12. I m Talking To The Women Here (01:12)
13. Renting Pornos & Girlfriends (Previously Unreleased) (01:13)
14. Name & Address Not Withheld (Previously Unreleased) (01:16)
15. Beelzebozo (Previously Unreleased) (00:22)
16. Pussywhipped Satan (04:44)
17. I Love My Job (01:33)
18. Audience Member / Old Folks Home Manager (Previously Unreleased) (01:15)
19. Worst Audience Ever (01:06)
20. The F Word (00:44)
21. My Parents (05:25)
22. My Favorite New Kid (01:10)
23. Marketing & Advertising (04:40)
24. Artistic Roll Call (04:35)
25. Orange Drink (01:09)
26. Save Willie (01:33)
27. Menu? (01:30)
28. A Killer Idea (03:04)
29. Drugs Have Done Good Things (01:18)
30. Rockers Against Drugs Suck (02:10)
31. We Live In A World (10:47)
32. Drugs Have Done Good Things Part 2 (Previously Unreleased) (00:57)
33. Ding Dong (10:22)
34. Gays In The Military (02:28)
35. Speaking Of Homosexuality (02:34)
36. Children On Airplanes (03:55)
37. Your Children Aren t Special (03:15)
38. Pro Life (04:15)
39. Non-Smokers (02:37)
40. Audience Member / Dental Assistant (Previously Unreleased) (00:20)
41. Smoking (02:00)
42. Smoking Tastes Great (Previously Unreleased) (02:48)
43. Yul Brynner (01:22)
44. Smoking In Heaven (03:59)
45. Flying Saucer Tour (03:22)
46. Burning Issues (03:59)
47. Odd Beliefs (00:51)
48. Kennedy & The Warren Commission (03:12)
49. Handguns - UK vs. USA (01:53)
50. The Vision (00:58)

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