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Attack The Block (movie)

i've yet to read the critiques on this film and i do have some of my own, but i've been excited to see this film for sometime now. i think it's pretty significant that this film was released when it was considering the recent rebellion in london and also that a mostly people of color cast has been so successful on the big screen. granted this is a uk production, this film did get some big-screen play in the u.s.--its just a wonder when a u.s. equivalent (not to be confused with a knock-off) will emerge?  my favorite line in the film, which is at the 50:40-51:00 minute mark where and when moses (the lead character) says, “you know what i reckon, yeah?  i reckon the feds sent them anyway.  government probably bred those creatures to kill black boys. first they sent drugs to the ends. then they sent guns. now then send monsters to get us. they don't care, man.  we ain't killing each other fast enough so they thought they decided to speed up the process. ”
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