Monday, November 17, 2014

Akala - Maangamizi - ( lyric video )

[Hook] x2

How many lives have we lost to the Maangamizi

It's way bigger than the pain that I place on the CD

If I told you all the truth would you really believe me?

It's the Maangamizi, It's the Maangamizi

[Verse 1]

Maangamizi, meaning African hellacaust

Because we paid a hell of a cost

And don't really know what was lost

And the process ain't ever stopped

Since black civilization dropped

Through internal greed and external plot

Same ones that taught the Ancient Greeks

Greece and Rome helped to bring to their knees

Then Islam spread across Northern Africa

With slavery and massacres

Too many hurt, refused to convert

Spread South and West and people dispersed

Christianity is not alone in using

Race and religion for power to expand

Desert caravans took slaves across Sand

Where they staged a revolt of the Zanj

Enemies always invented mythologies

Curse of ham, so-called prophecy

After the migration

There was some reinstatement of autonomous nations

Then floating on the waves of the seas

Came a plague, a genocidal disease

With arms and heads, they looked like men

Really they were just dogs on two legs

When they first came some of our people said "Go!"

Most welcomed them into our homes

We didn't know they had hearts of stone

Frozen by Western Europe's cold

Also, there were scumbags among us

Willing to work for white conquerors honours

And with that collaboration

Began the largest forced migration

In the history of nations

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2]

How many millions dead at the bottom of the ocean?

Thrown overboard like property stolen

Or jumped overboard rather than be sold on

A mother with her baby in arms, hold on

What awaited was not just enslavement

But a genocidal impulse craving

They committed unspeakable abuses

To make a nigger from an African human

Took a woman ready to give birth

Tied her limbs to four posts held firm

In a main square made every slave watch

Covered her in raw meat

Let off a pack of dogs

If anyone watching, even a relative

Made a sound, kill them for the hell of it

This was every day, not the exception

The science of gynaecology was perfected

On black women, no anaesthetic

They said a nigger bitch couldn't feel pain, pathetic

Hang a man from a tree cut off his penis

Force people to eat their own faeces

Put people in zoos, in a cage

Chimpanzee, black human, ape

And it was upon this here atrocity

Europe became the dominant economy

Now they play games, pretend it's about names

It's a scheme for unequal trade

Imagine the largest companies today

If all of their employees got no pay

For all of the centuries profit was made

Black skin was always branded slave

Even the child of the masters rape

Could be killed or sold because black blood in her veins

But the ancestors fought back, got free

Probably have not heard of Jean-Jacque Dessalines

Probably don't know the Haitian revolution

Caused the French to sell half of America

Nor know the role that Africans played

In the Civil War for that same America

If you ain't heard of Nanny of the Maroons or Bogle

You probably believe what they told you

But if they set Africans free

Because all of a sudden they grow a conscience

Tell me this

Why were the slave masters given compensation

And those that suffered not given a thing?

Why did they then invade Africa?

And make Africans slaves in their home?

With the Belgians killing 10 million

Souls in the Congo alone

Why then Jim Crow

Why Apartheid?

Why did Black Wall Street burn that night?

Why collaborators will work for such evil

Willing to be tools against their own people?

Why Africom?

Imperialism for the new age

But with a brown face on it

That's right imperialism for the new age

But with a brown face on it

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3]

Some will try their best to justify this torture

By asking you who the slaves were brought from

As if we do not know, tell them "Get the hell out

Every genocide ever has had sell outs"

And the largest wars of humans

Were fought between the people of Western Europe

So by your rationale it's cool to kill Frenchman

They killed Germans that look like them

Absurd right? But when your skin is white

Different set of rules you can abide by

Dark suffering is not humanized

No surprise, we still see ourselves through their eyes

Darkies became legally human

During the course of our parents life

And the freedoms we have only occurred

Cos our ancestors spilled their blood to the earth

They changed that much? Are you so sure?

The world's darker people still the most poor?

So it's our task to put an end to this

Even those like me with our heritage mixed

If a knife is in your back 9 inches

And it's only been pulled out six

When the wound starts healing

And we stop bleeding and bleaching

Can it begin to fix?

When the plague of self hate

Is no longer a weight so great

Push you to kill one another

When we put a stop to false charity

That gives with one hand and bombs with the other

When the IMF and World Bank, along with their puppets

No longer strangle our nations

When the invaders don't have military bases

In so many places

When the jail cells are not packed with black backs

And the gats and the crack are no longer factors

When we celebrate true self-determination

Not a few token bit part actors

When the truth is told and there is

The dignity to remember the dead

Because as long as they are distorting the past

It means they have the intention of doing it again

[Hook] x2
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