Thursday, February 27, 2014

Battle for Brooklyn


“If the balance of one’s material promotes the interest of the oppressor, that rapper is not HipHop.”  Damon Sajnani

Jay-Z is an adept businessman who organically understands the profitability of promoting the interests of oligarchy in such a way that the masses mistake those interests as their own.” Damon Sajnani

Monday, February 24, 2014


20 ways to not be a gentrifier in Oakland (Community Voices) « Oakland Local

20 ways to not be a gentrifier in Oakland (Community Voices) « Oakland Local

"Recognize Oakland has a very unique and vibrant history and culture, and you were attracted to this city because of the energy that is already here. You should be here to add to that history and culture, not to erase it. We are not San Francisco. We don’t want to be San Francisco. So please don’t try to remake our city in San Francisco’s image."

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Angela Davis @ Cal State Hayward (February 11, 2014)


"i do think that there is a connection between our eating practices…the question of food justice and the other social justice movements i invoked…as a matter of fact, it seems to me that the food justice movement has to be vey high on our agendas because so many people are dying because of their eating practices and don’t even realize it…we haven’t yet developed the kind of discourse that allows us to connect the…mcdonald’s and all the other fast food joints around here with the rise in diabetes, the rise of obesity, and all that…in many ways it’s really incredible, isn’t it?  and i think that food justice would also address the horrendous violence that is inflicted on animals for the purpose of producing food for human beings to consume.  there’s this amazing film, i think it’s called food inc.—i don’t see how anyone could ever eat a piece of chicken again after watching that film.  you see what is done to these beings…it’s linked to our struggles against racism, our struggles for the environment, and i do think this is going to be one of the top social justice issues of the future.”  angela davis

[previous mention of her veganism and then some!]

Monday, February 10, 2014

Are Zoos valuable, educational, and conservation institutions?

"Sure, zoos are interesting, but they are only educational in the sense that they teach a disregard for the natures of other living beings.  Besides, what can we learn about wild animals by viewing them in captivity?  Zoos exist because we’re intrigued by exotic ‘things' and to zoo goers zoo animals are just that, ‘things'"  Earthlings

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Muhammad Ali would go to jail rather than be drafted for war

head games (documentary)

The truth about sports

fuck the Superbowl aka Head Games (not the great documentary, but the reality that made its existence necessary)...and of course "head games" in this context carries a double meaning considering sedentary junk-food eating fools are distracted/manipulated en masse by over paid 40 Million Dollar Slaves/ball chasers brutalizing one another for entertainment all the while our rights are being taken from us, our water and food are being poisoned, our environment is becoming more toxic, and the list goes on...wake the fuck up! read a book, watch a documentary, get informed, get active! your "team" is every inhabitant on this planet and we are losing the deeper you delve into the dumbing down of our society!
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