Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wonder Women (Satya Magazine)

January 2005

On the Cover:
We Can Do It! Poster by J. Howard Miller (1942)
A World War II poster depicting “Rosie the Riveter” encourages American women to show their strength and go to work for the war effort. © CORBIS

Guest Editorial: Speciesist Feminism
By Melinda Fox

Their Bodies, Our Selves: Moving Beyond Sexism and Speciesism
By Pattrice Jones

Reproductive Autonomy: Crossing the Species Border
By Helen Matthews

A Dame of Big Ideas
The Satya Interview with Anita Roddick

The Prize is Right
By Mia MacDonald

The Saving of Innocents
The Satya Interview with Ruchira Gupta

Surviving Genocide: Women’s Role in Reconstructing Rwanda
By Sangamithra Iyer

Beauty and the Beast: Activists Work for Safer Cosmetics
By Brenda Salgado

A Blooming Iris
The Satya Interview with Marie Saint Cyr

The Accidental Politician: A Senator for Everyone
The Satya Interview with Liz Krueger

Masked Reformers: The Guerrilla Girls

Toward a More Passionate World
The Satya Interview with Claire Cavanah

More Than a Hot Plate
The Satya Interview with Isa Chandra

Riding the Third Wave
The Satya Interview with Rebecca Walker

Trying to Walk Before We Can Crawl
Book Review by Norm Phelps

Hot Soup and Rockin’ Rolls
Recipes by Joshua Ploeg

Vegetarian Advocate: Wanted: A Gloria Steinem for the Vegetarian Movement
By Jack Rosenberger

Epilogue: Embracing Vertigo
By Catherine Clyne

By Dan Piraro

BBC Horizon - How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blanqueamiento - Cultural Colonialism, Internalized Racism, blanqueamiento, adelantar la familia

The concept of blanqueamiento refers to ethnic, cultural, and racial “whitening.” Blanqueamiento, an ideology as well as a social practice, is a major form of racism in the United States. It is a racist way of thinking that places value on white Anglo culture while implicitly devaluing nonwhite cultures. In turn, blanqueamiento works to recreate a social hierarchy based on race and to perpetuate white supremacy. Yet, because such racist beliefs are so pervasive in society and its institutions, they often remain invisible or are ignored.

Frantz Fanon Documentary - Black Skin, White Mask

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pt. 3
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