Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chomsky explains anarchism


Mumia Abu Jamal - Beyond Penn State

surprisingly, i don't agree with him completely but i think if athletes of the elitist, competitive professional sports arena are paid outrageous sums of money than yes college athletes should be paid for their labor. however, i detest competitive sports altogether and agree with noam chomsky when he says, ‎[professional] “Sports is a major factor in controlling people. Workers have minds; they have to be involved in something and it’s important to make sure they’re involved in things that have absolutely no significance. So professional sports is perfect. It instills total passivity.”

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sea The Truth (documentary)

Belize social/political challenge - Blacks in Nicaragua and the revolution

4/30 – A Pro Vegan Love Poem « Angela Martinez Dy || El Dia

4/30 – A Pro Vegan Love Poem « Angela Martinez Dy || El Dia

by Angela Martinez Dy in poetry Tags: activism, Brigit, ecofeminism, environment, ethical eating, food, health, healthy eating, relationships, snackmastas, snacks, spiritual path, spirituality, vegan, veganism

Veganism and I
we have a thing going.
and even though Facebook won’t let us tag ourselves
as “in a complicated relationship”
it’s true. I think I’m in love,
but I just can’t commit.

On the surface
I have fallen for her
my poly pleasure, empowering,
energy giving, ethical lover
she draws me in,
shapely curves,
Badu body and all.

She is
so fit.

My lover is delicious. I make sure
I meet her at least 3 times a day,
with some afternoon snacks
for good measure.

My lover is tantric,
she connects my mind, body and spirit
grounds me in the present
her smells and the give of her flesh
under the pressure of my fingers
and a sharp knife
good for you and me

and yet, vivacious Veganism,
my loyalty is not to you
but to my past life

I am not yet married
to the idea of the good
you do me, and the planet,
because of the way
I have been brought up
to lust after meat
tempting my senses
away from the most
revolutionary romance
I have ever known.

But wait for me,
keep for me your sweetness.

I will learn
how to go vegan
and I will give it to you

1968 Olympics Black Power Salute

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