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Six Documentaries Not on the Oscar List, but That Should Be on Yours - COLORLINES

Six Documentaries Not on the Oscar List, but That Should Be on Yours - COLORLINES

understanding "white rastafarianism"

i suppose it's important that i set this entry up w/a song that i relate to, not that i know of my exact african roots due to slavery, though my outward appearance provokes this sort of attention.  anyhow, enough said--here's the song:

[it's important that you note that i identify as an anti-theist so regardless of whether or not there is such thing as a "white rasta," i am not only in agreement w/gabriel teodros' stance regarding the worship of a dictator, i also agree w/greydon square w/regards to myths.  one other note, i've highlited my words in black so you can identify what's mine vs. other resrouces.]

moving on, i'm simply collecting data for further exploration and discussion...the following pieces are excerpts from various sites that emerge from simply typing in "white rastafarian."

“White Rastas” – the term would have been both unthinkable and improbable at the start of the Rastafari religion -- founded in Afrocentricity, guided by race philosopher Marcus Garvey, inspired by Ethiopian Emperor, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, and committed to the restoration of the greatness of African history, culture and territory.
Today Rastafari includes members who are European, Japanese, Aboriginee, Indian, Scandinavian, Latin American – in fact, there are Rastafari in every culture and country. Why and how did this anomaly arise? Not surprisisngly, it is the overwhelming power of the Rastafari message of ONE LOVE that is the magnet that has drawn them, and continues to hold them in the controversial faith.

Rastafari sounds like a fine faith, why is it so strange that a white person would want to be part of it? Bottom line is that it's not. It may seem strange from the outside, seeing as the majority of Rastas are black. Many people would also argue that because it is an afro centric religion, white people have no place in it. Well, according to that logic, all Christians should be middle-eastern. The truth of the matter is that, in theory, even a White man could preach Afro centrism. While most white men weren't physically "taken" from Africa, and forced into slavery, modern science fairly universally supports that all life started in Africa. Given the power of that statement, it isn't hard to see how Africa found it's place as the center of Rasta faith.
The question is though, In a faith which preaches the rejection of corrupt white culture, how are white patrons received? There seems to be conflict in the Rasta community. Many rastas are skeptical when they meet or hear of a white person who claims to be Rasta. They assume, naturally, that they came to Rasta through listening to reggae music, or worse, as a way of justifying their misuse of the sacrament. There also seems to be a fundamental distrust of white people, and historically for good reason. A true Rasta would say that all man is equal, and every body, white and black, came from Africa, so it is only natural that All people, regardless of race or color, turn to Rastafari for the "highest truth and overstanding". However, the common sentiment among rastas is that whites cannot understand the "black struggle", As they were never taken from their homeland and enslaved. But surely, anyone who really cares about the human race on the whole can appreciate the need to stop violent acts like this. After all, Rastafari itself teaches that all people are one with God, Or "Jah" as they say (Derived from jahweh of the old testament).
In modern Rastafari, especially more contemporary sects such as the Twelve Tribes, White rastas are welcomed. Anyone who believes that there needs to be a fundamental change in the way society treats the "down-pressed" and in the way man views and interacts with one another is encouraged to join the faith. Real rastas are peaceful people who overstand the need for equality in the world, and so they extend that principle even to the faith itself, All men are equal in Rastafari. Some Jamaican rastas are even excited to meet white rastas, as they bring a new point of view to the reasoning sessions, and also because they stand as a symbol of whites acknowledging the wrongs of their ancestors and rejecting "Babylon".
All in all, white Rastafarians are out there, and they're no less devoted to Rasta than the first Rastas of Jamaica. So next time you ask a white man his religion, and he tells you he is Rasta, don't laugh, It may not be a joke.

First step is to step back for the white RASTA. 
Posted: Wednesday, March 20, 2002
Posted By: Blair

Greetings and JAH blessings

Yes again another post on this whole white issue and the movement...but I make no apologies for it as I feel it needs to be re-said.

The first step and the best thing I believe we the white Rasta can do for the movement and for the reparation struggle is to step back. We need to give this movement back to the people who are really struggling. We need to take back our distortions, corruptions. To remove our issues of who is Christ and what colour he was. To remove our own issues of the NAM and our own issues of white thought we have bred into the movement.
We need to put the RASTA movement and its roots first well above our own trivial ideas that we throw around in need of being accepted into what is and should always be a black movement until all healing is reached.

This struggle is not about us and in knowing this we need to step down and let the brothers and sisters who this struggle is about stand up and teach how it really is and let them correct the mis-education of western thought and society that has shadowed the movement from the true light of doing and performing its work as what the first RASTA gathered to do.
The RASTA struggle IS A BLACK STRUGGLE and this should never be removed from its teachings. Never ever until again Africa and its people stand as an equal or above for its works.

How do we the White RASTA truly expect to be trusted by those within the struggle when we ourselves can not let the Black RASTA within there own movement move forward without us telling them how it should be or why it should be????

Yes we all preach equal rights with our pro-black ideas (That is the white idea of what is pro-black) and yes we all scream out for justice. However we do this while we trod over those who really struggle as again we oppress as we try to be the martyr when it is not ours to take.

Our calling for a culture and people to be given back which was once stolen as we use these people as the stepping stones to build our own egos.

The RASTA movement is not a selfish movement or a quick fix. It is a struggle that needs closure and to get this we need to put trust and respect into it by letting those who are at the heart of the struggle lead it. We need to step back and support it in everyway it turns but we need to do this with the true RASTA leading the way. The true RASTA being those at the heart of the struggle.

My work in the movement is not about me but it is what will be in the future when there is true respect and trust and the movement has succeeded in its work and my children and great grand children can stand as RASTA themselves because we in this time stood behind the movement and its people and backed them up and let them lead the movement down the right path which is a path only the true RASTA can overstand and know.

Please overstand I am not being anti-white within the movement here as I am also white but I do know that I could never know how it feels to be of black skinned and oppressed and because of this I have no right to stand up as a RASTA and put the true fighters behind me. I can never guide them or teach them. I can only step back and let them guide me and teach me.

I please ask all White RASTA and Black RASTA to give the movement back and have the trust and faith in the real people who struggle so as they can lead the movement how it should be led, which is from its roots.
Our first step should be our step back and a step forward for the movement. Remember this is not about us but about the movement so lets trust the movement at its roots and let it do its work in giving what is owed back to those who await it.

RASpect and JAH blessings
Iheart Militia


"Everywhere the white man go he bring misery 
All throughout history, look it up 
Everything them bald heads touch they fuck it up 
Every government he set up, it be corrupt."

wondering how "white rastas" fit into this exactly. the only "white rastas" i've ever known of have been full of "white" denial and think that we should all be "colorblind," which is a twisted and delusional product of "white" privilege.

this was rather annoying, but i suppose that was the intent of this video. i thought it somewhat spoke to blair's piece when "ras trent" walked past the rastas of african origin or "black" for those that want to deviate from the point by saying, "but we're all from africa."

Welcome to volume 2 of "Crimes Against Humanity". Today we explore the gut-wrenching idiocy of the White Rasta. If you live in a college town or city, you've seen this guy: scuzzy blond dreadlocks hanging around his dirty face, or tucked up in one of those red, gold, and green knit scrotums they like to wear on their heads. He trails a funk of marijuana fumes and unwashed ass at all times. He usually has a wife and one or two ratty kids following him around, though he refuses to talk to any of them.

Now, plenty of people like a little Bob Marley from time to time, but this guy takes it a couple steps too far, into "wannabe" status. If he liked hip-hop, he'd be a wigger. But instead he follows an obscure religion that follows the tenets outlined in this passage:

"Early Rastafarians considered Haile Selassie the living God who fulfilled a prophecy of Marcus Garvey. In the early 1900s, Garvey was an American black nationalist who tried to form a "back to Africa movement." He hoped this would culminate in the establishment of an independent African country made up of Americans who have African ancestry. Garvey's prophecy reportedly said, "Look to Africa, where a black king shall be crowned, for the day of deliverance is near."

Does this sound like a place where your narrow white ass will be welcome, Chet? I don't care how many Afrikaa Bambataa records you own; you are going to be everybody's ass-pony if this prophecy ever comes true. Your stash might be from Negril, but your ass is from Skokie, so you're just not going to make the cut. Sorry, better luck next time.

And while we're on the subject, you don't really have to jump on a whole new religion just because they consider weed to be a holy sacrament. Many people smoke it just for fun, including Deadheads, Mall-Rat preteens, and former president Bill Clinton. If you need to go to church to legitimize your shake, I guess that's up to you.

All I ask is that you cut back on the patchouli deoderant - you're giving me an asthma attack.

dreads.JPG (6 kB) 


alright, i think i'm about to unplug from this research for the time being because it's rather frustrating for various reasons.  this last entry (the one above) is certainly about the stereotypical "white rasta" i've seen , though i disagree w/the tone of the last entry especially w/the usage of the word "wigger," but that's for another time or not.  anyhow, i'm still not for the worship of a dictator by anyone, of color or "white."  however, i do agree with some aspects of rastafarianism (i.e. the promotion of a plant-based diet) but i digress.  i still find conflict w/the idea of "white rastas" for the reasons blair laid out.  i suppose if you are "white" and feel compelled to practice rastafarianism i think it would be in your best interest to truly understand the origins and contradictions of your participation in such a belief-system.  furthermore, it would behoove you to truly understand what it means to be "white" in a world that glorifies your being (white), stop denying your "white" privilege, and commit yourself to the struggle against "white" supremacy.  

figured since i opened w/a song from an artist that i often get mistaken for (a product of being brown in the mostly "white" and pseudo-progressive pacific northwest), i might as well close w/a song from him.

In This Together by Gabriel Teodros

Play song from MySpace Music
Lovework - 2007 - 3:59
Listen on: MySpace Music - Rhapsody - Pandora

"from flatbush to crown heights now, real people, just to be real ya'll, it's still hard to feel people that rep red, yellow, and green harder than me, i never understood all the symbolism you see, no disrespect ya'll, but the emperor you represent was an emperor to us, nothing more, nothing less, and he power-tripped just like all of the rest, and he was still in power when our schools were by the west..." ~ gabriel teodros

Tim Wise » Animal Whites: PETA and the Politics of Putting Things in Perspective

Tim Wise » Animal Whites: PETA and the Politics of Putting Things in Perspective

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the daily show/bird like me

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That's Kinda Gay

liberate your language

Letting Go of God - Julia Sweeney (Audiobook)

Julia Sweeney says she was a "happy Catholic girl" when, one day, she walked into church and signed up for a Bible-study course. "What an eye opener that was!" she says. "Next thing you know, I was on a quest for something I could really believe in. I traveled to places like Bhutan, Ecuador, and my local Starbucks looking for answers. Would I embrace Buddhism? New Age pseudo-science? Was I a freak for feeling the way I did, or were there other people out there just like me? I was grappling with serious questions. But, somehow, a lot of the things that were happening to me seemed, well, funny." Equally comedic and insightful, Letting Go of God is Sweeney's brilliant one-woman show about her struggle with her faith. Grappling with the seeming contradictions in Adam and Eve, Noah, the Ten Commandments, and even the teachings of Jesus - and trying to understand the Bible's messages about morality, family values, and human suffering while faced with door-knocking Mormons and wise-cracking priests - Sweeney takes listeners on her very personal journey from God to "not-God". This performance was recorded on November 19, 2005, at the Ars Nova Theatre in New York City. Amazon

P.S. Thanks to TJS

File Size: 56 MB


[Watch Letting Go of God the Movie]

That’s SO gay. (re-post)

by RONNIE on FEBRUARY 16, 2011

If you decided to read this blog you are which of the following?

a) retarded
b) gay
c) a gay retard
e) simply interested in what the post was about
Well, in an ideal world one would hope to believe that answer e) was correct, but in reality much of the US population seems to believe that the answer is d) STUPID. How do you feel about that?
From school playgrounds, to the water cooler at work, to our very own homes we are witnessing our friends, colleagues, and our own family members falling victim to this very serious epidemic. It seems that these individuals have learned somewhere along the way that the words ” gay” and “retard” are synonymous with “stupid”. Many of these vocab offenders (that most certainly have George Miriam & Noah Webster rolling in their graves) do not even realize that they are misusing the words. More than that, they may not even realize the damage they are causing to themselves and to those around them.
Those who identify with being part of the LGBTQ Community or those who aredifferently abled do not deserve to be placed in the same category or referred to as “stupid” by any stretch of the definition. When a vocabulary offender misuses these words, they not only look ignorant to those around them, but more than that they hurt the person they are offending while indirectly hurting anyone in the room that happens to be part of the LGBTQ or Differently Abled community. It truly is a vicious cycle that more often times than not goes unaddressed and unpunished because people are frightened to speak up and break the silence or to simply confront the offender because of peer pressure. Silence is equally appalling to me as the offender’s behavior because silence condones the behavior and teaches the offender that it is OK to continue to behave in this manner.
I have to say that I was very impressed and happy to see the following video from comedienne and actor, Wanda Sykes:
And this video I found, made by a young man who decided to take the time to address this very issue in his own unique and heart-felt way:
Last, but not least, the ladies of The View:
As you can see from watching the videos above, many people are breaking the silence and speaking out against the misuse of “gay” and “retarded”. We all can be part of this important movement by educating ourselves and those around us to the hurt and damage that the misuse of these words can cause. This kind of change does not happen overnight and takes an entire community to stand-up and say we are not going to accept this behavior because it is hurtful and we would not want it done to us, therefore it must not be condoned towards others. I cannot count the times that I am out at a restaurant, at the gym, or at a club and hear these words just being thrown about carelessly and it truly boils my blood. On numerous occasions I have challenged myself to break the silence and believe me it can be scary (especially with strangers), but if I do not find the courage to take it on…then who? The change starts with us and we cannot allow ourselves or others to get away with this bad behavior.
So, the next time you are out with your friends, family, co-workers, or around total strangers I urge you to break the silence – speak up when these individuals misuse the words “gay”, “retarded”, or any other word that can cause serious emotional and psychological harm. If everyone commits to this we will take the first step towards eradicating stupidity – a slow, but worthwhile process.

WikiRebels - The Documentary

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Decolonial Feminism & the Privilege of Solidarity « Kasama

Decolonial Feminism & the Privilege of Solidarity « Kasama

black vegans get no love? « blactivegan

black vegans get no love? « blactivegan

For As Long As My Skin Is Black I Will Be A Devoted Anti-Speciesist. (repost from vegans of color)

 August 29, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Royce @ 7:38 pm
The title of this post is a reference to the recent post at Womanist Musing. The post details her feelings about the ways animals have been used by a white supremacist society to metaphorize people of color. From the Black apes to the Latino chihuahuas and everything else  in between. I know those feelings all to well. The post ended with a powerful few lines:
They may scream biology until the end of time but we remember when such comparisons were used to justify slavery, rape, and segregation.  For as long as my skin is Black I will be a devoted speciesist.  My dignity and humanity demand no less.
Her words are haunting and powerful for me. And She’s right. Those memories run deep.  People of color still get their babies snatched awaystill are shot and huntedand until (maybe) recently experimented on. People of color are treated like animals, are called animals, and are dehumanized all the time.
In the US (and the world) Blackness positions people at the bottom of a very real racial hierarchy. Solidarity between different people of color is sometimes hard as we all scramble to get ourselves away from the bottom. Some of us do this by distancing ourselves from the bottom, from Blackness. I have heard people of color who aren’t Black distance themselves by how different they are from Black people. Black people distance ourselves from each other through colorism and regionalism/xenophobia. I’ve heard American Black folks distance themselves from African Black folks through primitivist, xenophobic rants. And Black Africans distancing themselves because Black Americans are portrayed as violent and animalistic.
I can’t ask a cow about her feelings on her systematic and mechanical rape, separation from her child, and eventual slaughter. But to assume because of differences between us that she doesn’t care, or is incapable of care uses the same logic as white supremacy has used for people of color.
Koko, the famous gorilla, could sign 6,000 signs. She could create new words by combining signs. She scored between 70 and 95 on IQ tests. She makes me think of Red Peter. Red Peter is the only Kafka character to have really, truly touched me. A Report to An Academy resonates with my diasporic identity. To be snatched from home, shipped to somewhere else, and lose one’s connection to home, but to be able to speak back to the one who took you in their own tongue. Is it such a stretch to think that animals could not also be upset by being shipped in cages across oceans but be unable to tell us such in a language we can understand.
Red Peter was a link for me. He is literally a gorilla, metaphorically a diasporic person. He’s the missing link between Koko and animal and me a human. If I can empathize with a literary gorilla who tells the same story as Koko might tell, than I can also empathize with Koko, and by extension all animals.
In my soul I know it would be just as wrong for me to withdraw my solidarity to those who are seen as less than me, because of a species barrier. To construct the worth of a being by their humanness is an embrace of a world where white patriarchy is the standard. Humanness is so connected to  able-bodiedness, whiteness, maleness, cisness, straightness, because these were the people who got to decide who got to count, and when they got to count as human.
For me to use biology to explain why it isn’t ok to kill or cage me, but it is to kill or cage someone else is a replication of power dynamics. It is shitting on those lower than me on a hierarchy of power, so that I can keep my perch away from the bottom.
For me to refuse compassion to other beings, simply because I have been compared to them, is to center whiteness. I say “Fuck you!” to those white folks who think they have the authority to use my history to humanize animals. But when it is just me and the caged bird I know what’s up, I don’t need to compare. My histories let me empathize in a way I doubt those in the center ever could.
I’ve reached a different conclusion from Womanist Musings: a history of my people being kidnapped, enslaved, caged, experimented on, hunted, sacrificed, killed, and displayed has left a bad taste in my mouth, and empathy in my heart.
For as long as my skin is Black I will be a devoted anti-speciesist.


Tavis Smiley Calls Out Bill Maher’s Troubled Stance on Muslim Men - COLORLINES

Tavis Smiley Calls Out Bill Maher’s Troubled Stance on Muslim Men - COLORLINES

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The Breast Defense Against Violence - Ban the Bra

click image to zoom in on text

As the world recognizes the United Nations' International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, one form of violence has been overlooked that happens everyday, all over the world, and causes pain, suffering, disfigurement, and even death to thousands of women annually. And women actually do it to themselves. It is something they do out of fear of rejection and ridicule. It is the ultimate form of psychological violence, a form of self abuse to conform to the demands of men.
I am referring to breast disease and cancer, and how it is caused by the wearing of tight bras. Most women agree that their bras are uncomfortable. However, the demand for acceptance trumps all reason, as women eagerly spend billions of dollars annually to display their cleavage to the pleasure of men. Creating cleavage and a perky, youthful bustline, however, has a price. To get the "right" look, the bra must be tight, as it compresses the soft breast tissue. This causes pain, cysts, and can lead to cancer, something that was rare prior to the advent of the bra.
It is nothing new for women to abuse themselves for fashion. For example, not long ago, Chinese women bound their feet to please their men. Foot binding was disabling, causing completely distorted feet and toes. Some toes would actually rot off. Men would find erotic pleasure unwrapping, cleaning, and re-wrapping their women's feet. And this went on for centuries!
Another senseless fashion, the wearing of corsets, also tortured women for centuries. The tight lacing impaired breathing, digestion, kidney function, and blood and lymphatic circulation, and caused pelvic disease and permanent skeletal deformation. But men loved the hourglass look, so women put up with the abuse. Fashions can be sick. And this also applies to the wearing of bras.
Bras are constrictive by design. Their purpose is to alter breast shape, and this requires constant pressure applied to the soft breast tissue. Pressure, however, impairs the circulation of blood and lymph within the breast tissue. Most effected are the tiny, easily compressed lymphatic vessels, which drain the tissue of lymph fluid and is the circulatory pathway of the immune system.
Lymph fluid bathes the cells and needs to be regularly cleansed, taking with it toxins, waste products, viruses, cancer cells, bacteria, and cell debris. This lymph fluid is brought via lymphatic vessels to lymph nodes, which filter the fluid and mount an immune response, if needed. Eventually, the fluid re-enters the bloodstream. However, if the breast is constricted by a tight bra, the lymphatic vessels can be compressed, causing the fluid to accumulate in the tissue, along with the toxins it was trying to eliminate, some of which are carcinogenic. The result is pain, cyst formation, fibrocystic breast disease, toxification of the breast tissue, and, ultimately, cancer. Red marks and indentations in the skin left by the bra are telltale signs of constriction.
But will women eliminate their bras? Some women do once they hear about the bra/cancer link. However, for many, the fear of cancer and the pain of constriction are not as compelling as the fear and pain of rejection. To feel accepted, some women accept the self abuse of bra wearing. Some even pay a surgeon to cut their breasts, enlarging or reducing their size, subjecting themselves to the risks of surgery, anesthesia, and potential complications, all to look acceptable to others.
This is violence against women masquerading as fashion. That women do this violence to themselves makes it more disturbing. If a man were to punch a women in the breast, it would be obvious violence. When a woman binds her breasts to the point of pain, cysts, and cancer, it is still violence, even if the bra is lacy, sexy, and fashionable.
Sydney Ross Singer is a medical anthropologist and director of the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease, located in Hawaii. His unique form of applied medical anthropology searches for the cultural/lifestyle causes of disease. His working assumption is that our bodies were made to be healthy, but our culture and the attitudes and behaviors it instills in us can get in the way of health. By eliminating these causes, the body is allowed to heal. Since most diseases of our time are caused by our culture/lifestyle, this approach has resulted in many original discoveries into the cause, and cure, of many common diseases.
It also makes prevention possible by eliminating adverse lifestyle practices. Sydney works with his co-researcher and wife, Soma Grismaijer, and is the author of several groundbreaking health books, including the acclaimed book, Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras (Avery/Penguin Putnam, 1995; ISCD Press, 2005). Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer can be reached at the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease, P.O. Box 1880, Pahoa, Hawaii 96778 (808) 935-5563. Also visit their website at, where you can try lifestyle self studies to prevent and cure numerous diseases.

shout outs to girls that don’t wear bras. i get so much shit for it.

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Racism versus speciesism: A moral battleground? - The Scavenger

Racism versus speciesism: A moral battleground? - The Scavenger

National Geographic Diamonds of War Africas Blood Diamonds 2007

    National Geographic Diamonds of War Africas Blood Diamonds 2007 DVDRip XviD - MOMENTUM
  • National Geographic Diamonds of War Africas Blood Diamonds 2007 DVDRip XviD - MOMENTUM
    Language: English
    55 Min | 512 x 384 | XviD - 1252Kbps | 29.970fps | MP3 - 123Kbps | 550 MB
    Genre: Documentary

    Torture, mutilation, civil war, and slavery. For many African nations, diamonds are not a luxury item but a harbinger of violence and death.
    For years rebel groups have maintained a harsh grip over many of Africa’s diamond deposits, forcing local residents to toil all day in the mines. Proceeds from these “blood diamonds” or “conflict diamonds” are used to buy weapons and fund deadly insurgencies and campaigns of terror.
    Take a trip to the fields of Sierra Leone, where diamond smuggling is big business even after the end of a ten-year war, and join officials as they struggle to keep illegal stones from making their way onto the global market. 

    National Geographic Diamonds of War Africas Blood Diamonds 2007 DVDRip XviD - MOMENTUM

    Download (hotfile):

    Mirror (fileserve):

    Mirror (filesonic):

Depraved Mindset: Tell the World it is NOT cool to disrespect Black ...

Depraved Mindset: Tell the World it is NOT cool to disrespect Black ...: "I am sure everyone has, by now, either seen, or read about the offensive Pepsi Max Superbowl ad. If you are somehow living under a rock, j..."

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Bottled Water 2011: Home | Environmental Working Group

Bottled Water 2011: Home | Environmental Working Group

The Spirit Level - slides from The Equality Trust

BBC Panorama - Wi-Fi: a warning signal

How seriously do you consider electro-sensitivity to be around the world?  Can Wi-Fiaffect humans so seriously that it a person might develop a disability from it?  In some countries, Wi-Fi masts are not allowed near schools and some world governements place more intensive guidelines.  This is not a new concern but there has now been long enough time to develop a stacking of evidence in one way or another.  Wi-Fi is not likely to go away and some would not want to be without it.
Britain is in the grip of a Wi-Fi revolution with offices, homes and classrooms going wireless – but there is concern the technology could carry health risks. The Government insists Wi-Fi is safe, but a Panorama investigation shows that radio frequency radiation levels in some schools are up to three times the level found in the main beam of intensity from mobile phone masts.
Children’s skulls are still growing and are thinner than adults’ – tests have shown children absorb more radiation than adults when using mobile phones – which could raise questions about the safety of children working bent over computers being exposed to radiation at very close-quarters.
Watch the full documentary (28 minutes)


Benjamin Zephaniah-White comedy

I waz whitemailed
By a white witch,
Wid white magic
An white lies,  
Branded  a white sheep
I slaved as a whitesmith
Near a white spot
Where I suffered whitewater fever.
Whitelisted as a whiteleg
I waz in de white book
As a master of white art,
It waz like white death.
People called me white jack
Some hailed me as white wog,
So I joined de white watch
Trained as a white guard
Lived off de white economy.
Caught and beaten by de white shirts
I waz condemned to a white mass.
Don’t worry,
I shall be writing to de Black House.

from Propa Propaganda

official website

BBC NEWS | Africa | S Africa Chinese 'become black'

BBC NEWS | Africa | S Africa Chinese 'become black'

Cheap Shrimp: Hidden Costs (Reefs)

more info

Black White (tv show)

Black. White. Poster

A white family and a black family find out what it's like to switch lives.

other episodes on youtube

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Hyper Capitalism Is Inherently Racist (re-post)

Hyper Capitalism
Capitalism refers to an economic system in which the means of production is privately owned and operated for profit and the distribution, income, production and pricing of goods and services is determined through a free market environment independent of government influence. One of the areas where capitalism runs into trouble is when the single minded focus on profits comes at the detriment of the community or society in general. A single minded focus on short term profits does not take into consideration the consequences of long term implications to the collective.
The best examples of this condition are rooted in American history. One of the most profitable forms of capitalism that had some long term destructive implications for society was the America economy built around the southern plantation economy that fueled the country’s institution of slavery. The single minded focus on developing a source of cheap labor at the injury of an entire race of people has created a perpetual and unbreakable condition of white privilege and black subjugation for this country. While many people cling to the belief that if everyone were to just close our eyes and submit to the status quo things would be better for all, nothing could be further from the truth.
Racism is continuously rearing its ugly head because there are so many people on both sides of the equation who are so willing to take such a woeful and dysfunctional approach to the problem of racism. Why? If the black person were to take a single minded focus on personal profit who ever dons the financial blinders can do well when the only yardstick that matters is materialism for the here and now. But the long term implication is the perpetuation of the white privilege and black subjugation that will continue to decimate the black community.
A lot of black people who choose to collaborate with other white mindset subjugators will talk a lot about their ability to transcend the entire race relation thing. A lot of very successful black people say things to justify or rationalize their capitulation to the dominant captains of capitalism. The best way to gain a good chunk of wealth is to appeal to the senses, vanity, sensibilities or whatever you may have, of the wealthy. It is simply way too hard to make a buck off of people who don’t have a buck to give. It is far easier to make money the old fashion way. Earn favor from the people with money.
So a lot of black people will say that they no longer see issues in this struggle along the lines of race. A famous black actor is on record saying, “When I look in the mirror I don’t see a black man.” Then what do you see? A money grubbing low down nigger would be my first guess. Wrote one popular conservative black blogger, “The black man will not be truly free from racial restrictions until he can, without guilt or regret, disclaim being black or owing anything to black people.” Freedom from being affiliated with the African American community is not a goal for someone who is proud to be an African American. This sounds like the type of validation a black man who has a top priority of making money would give.
One particular pest of a visitor to my blog left the comment, “As a conscious black man it would be a sellout for me to put aside my core values just for the sake of unity”. When black people have core values that run contrary to the natural inclination to make the welfare of their community a top priority, when compassion for other blacks is deemed an adherence instead of a virtue, they are truly indeed sellouts. Unity for the sake of unity is not the aim of the black community. Black unity is for the sake of the future of our black community, our black children, our black history, and our black identity. Black people who identify with being black will know the difference. It is far from being rocket science.
In the words of Paulo Freire, “Washing ones hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.” This quote can be modified slightly to say, “Washing ones hands of the conflict between the powerful American corporate mindset dominated by white people and the powerless black community that continues to struggle for relevance in the hyper capitalistic global economy is to side with the powerful and not to be racially neutral.”
Capitalism and free markets are wonderful concepts when they are kept in proportion to concepts such as community and social responsibility. But because we currently live in a time where the only measure of worth is materialism the pursuit of profit for the sake of profit is the only thing that matters. The relationship between capitalism and community developed on the plantation at the peak of racism remains the model for our race relations with respect to money and personal gain today.
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