Monday, April 21, 2014

Capitalism, veganism and the animal industrial complex |

Capitalism, veganism and the animal industrial complex |

"We're supposed to feel differently about the animals in our homes than we do about the dead ones on our plates. Sure, we might feel sad about it, but they're only animals, after all. While Internet cat videos proliferate, so does the obsession with bacon-flavoured everything. This bizarre paradox acts as a kind of ideological grease that keeps the system running."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nazi Fanta

"when you drink fanta orange, that's the nazi drink that was created so that coke could continue making money while millions of people died." michael moore

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"blackface" in usually sophisticated and funny british sitcoms [revisited]

i recently decided to revisit little britain (previously, i only saw bits and pieces) and to my dismay this is some of what i found:

over 1 million views on bbc's youtube channel

these are the two white men behind the "women" and "blackface"

yes, these are old skits/images, but not from the "jim crow" era in the southern united states, but these are only a few years old from the uk.  this shit is perplexing and absolutely fucked up!!  why is this seemingly acceptable in the uk?  i wonder what the conversation between hbo, matt lucas, and david walliams was like regarding their black and brown face skits before they created "little britain usa."


i've since thought of other "characters/caricatures" that i meant to blog about sometime ago:

kayvan novak, the brown man behind "augustine kwmbe"

noell fielding, the white man behind "figo the fruit fly"

again, a bunch of british folks, mostly white men and at least one brown man, but not of african descent, portraying, mimicking, mocking people of african descent, in particular women...why/how is that funny?

check out my previous post on the subject:

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