Tuesday, January 31, 2012

why i stopped watching "viva [racismo en] cuba"


i love watching films and especially independent or foreign films for various reasons, but one in particular is that i like that they break from the typical white supremacist, heteronormative, partriarchial trope that hollywood is in(famous) for.  however, after watching this film last night i realized that i prefer hollywood's omission of people of african descent from films over these depictions:

i expected to see this doll during this scene and of course it was carried around (in juxtaposition to a white barbie-esk doll) by the little girl for the duration of the film 
i had a feeling the film was about to get ugly with this man's forewarning...

more on the "guijes" below:

Los guijes y las tradiciones en Cuba (the guijes and cuban traditions)

watching this "cute" film with these disturbing stereotypes makes me not only want to watch "black in latin america, cuba: the next revolution" and "ethnic notions" again but to show these film to the director, the cast, and anyone whoever thought that this film was appropriate.


  1. I made the HUGE mistake of showing this film in one of my Spanish classes (I am a Spanish teacher) today without previewing it. I was HORRIFIED when this scene occurred and immediately stopped it and told my kids it was RACIST and that we would not be finishing it. I just googled this to see if anyone else had commented on this aspect of the film, as I had only read good things about it previously. This is the only thing I found. How is that possible? It is so blatantly racist. Thank you for posting your thoughts on this. It is nice to know that someone else feels the same. Also, I have used Black in Latin America (Cuba) in one of my other classes (higher level). Much more educative value than this nonsense.

    1. The same thing almost happened to me!! I am so glad we didn't get to that part in the class! I ended up watching the movie myself that evening and when it came to that part I was also horrified. Now my kids want to finish the movie but I have to tell them that there are some parts that I completely disapprove of. Especially as a black woman, it made me extremely uncomfortable to watch.


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